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Bed & Learn

Sorrento Experience, we do bed and learn

  • Do you want to travel low cost? With Bed&Learn you can save on accommodation, meals and tour guide.
  • Can you teach a language? Are you good with handiwork? Are you an artist? Can you play an instrument? Make your skills available and you will receive free accommodation.
  • Do you want to learn how to cook, to play a musical instrument or to use a computer? Do you need a baby sitter, a plumber or a painter? Host who can provide you with the teaching or service you need.
  • You can’t offer your house? You can make your teacher stay in a Bed&Breakfast or a Hotel. You can even offer meals or be a tour guide.
  • Do you own a Bed&Breakfast or a Hotel? Would you like to expand the culinary diversity of your menu? Would you like to learn a language that allows you to better manage your job? Host who can cook dishes or teach a language in exchange of a vacation in your place.
  • Do you run a business? Would you like to organize an English, Communication, Saftey, Marketing, Coaching course? Bed&Learn is a tool with which you can find the experts you need.

More info : info@sorrentoexperience.it